Choosing The Right Stroller For The Parks

There are so many rental strollers out there — so it can help to prioritize your wants and needs for your vacation. The following is just a short list of practical points you want to keep in mind:

  • Safety features: Make sure that the strollers have safety features such as brakes, a five-point safety harness, and a wide base to prevent the stroller from tipping over! Referring to the strollers’ height and weight limits per seat, it’s important to know how your child’s weight may compromise the stroller frame and impede its performance for future guests.
  • Foldability: Many parents look for strollers with a “one-handed” fold. This can make it so much easier to get on and off the shuttles, trams, and monorail. As well as store your stroller in your hotel room or the trunk of your vehicle.
  • Wheel quality: Plan on walking up to 8 to 10 miles a day — opt for air-filled or rubberized foam-filled wheels that are at least 8 Inches or larger. These will help tremendously to maneuver through the crowds and over different terrains of each land.
  • Washable fabric: It’s inevitable that the days’ messiness will overflow onto the stroller. Whether it’s a leaky diaper, drool, snacks, drinks, or dirt — being able to toss the fabric of most of our stroller fleet in the wash is a real lifesaver to make sure the stroller is clean for your little ones. If the fabric isn’t removable, we thoroughly spray the fabrics, baskets, and frame with detergent and Simple Green D Pro 5, powerwash the stroller and dry in the sun.
  • Stroller basket storage: Think about how many items you may need throughout the day. This could be your baby’s gear or items you pick up while out around the parks. Looking at the accessibility, you will want to go for the wider opening that will make it easier to store and remove things more easily. 
  • Sun canopy:  A sun canopy for your children is a must in the parks since they will be exposed to lots of sun, rain, or other elements. A sun canopy can provide a safe, comfortable place for them to enjoy the ride.
  • Occupant restrictions: Adhering to the manufacturer’s weight and height restrictions is important, not only does it ensure that your child is safe but not uncomfortable. Shallow seats, short leg room of canopy interference with their height.





Stroller Accessories You Never Knew You Needed!

There are tons of stroller accessories out there. The right accessory can make being out and about in the parks with your precious cargo much more convenient and comfortable for both of you! 

Here are our most popular accessories: 

  • Snack trays
  • Cup holders 
  • Rain and/or weather shields
  • Stroller caddies (Included with most rentals – Some strollers do not have caddies that fit well)
  • Small collapsible cooler bags 
  • Glider/Rider Board
  • Car Seat with adapters
  • Basinette with adapters

Being in the California Sunshine, you may want some items to make your trip in the parks more comfortable. Be sure to read the prohibited items list for the theme parks before visiting. For Disneyland Resort Rules click this link!








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Guava Family Roam Crossover Stroller (65lbs per seat)

All you need is Roam. Get the best of both worlds with the Roam active stroller. With our remote-lock front wheel, handy storage, and unbeatable portability, you can seamlessly switch between the high-tech performance of a jogger and the convenience of an urban stroller.

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The GT single has the same easy quick fold technology as the other Baby Jogger strollers making them the easiest folding strollers on the market. It has an adjustable handlebar.

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City Mini GT2 Double (40 lbs. per seat)

The GT2 double has the same easy quick fold technology as the other Baby Jogger strollers making them the easiest folding strollers on the market. It has an adjustable handlebar. A complimentary parent console is provided with all rentals. The City Mini GT2 is not intended for jogging.