Special Needs

Large Strollers 65 to 125 lbs. Max. (6 Years of age and up)

Intensive thorough cleaning, lubricant, and inspection process
Easy stroller maneuverability
Sturdy design to accommodate a high-weight capacity
Baskets underneath to hold up 10lbs of extras
Complimentary parent console for water bottles and tidbits


2 days
Group Size
no limit

Axiom Lassen Mobility Pushchair (125 lbs. per seat)

The Axiom Lassen indoor/outdoor mobility pushchair has been expertly designed and crafted by adaptive and mobility specialists, Adaptive Star, for use by special needs children AND special needs teens under the weight of 135 lbs, who’d benefit from enjoying an active lifestyle with their caregivers and families. ( Please note: This is a large stroller and is best for those with true mobility issues ).